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What to Do when You Are in A Car Accident

The average American travels a total of 13,476 miles a year in their automobile. To put that in perspective the distance around the Earth at the equator is 24,874 miles.

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Workers Compensation

For many of us, the place we work becomes so intertwined with our lives that it becomes part of who we are.

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UM/UIM Coverage

All responsible car owners have some form of insurance to pay for damages caused or received due to an accident.

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Potential Damages when Your Loved One Is the Victim of “Wrongful Death” in Georgia

When pursuing money damages for your losses in a Georgia wrongful death lawsuit, the measure is the “full value” of the deceased person’s life.

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Erisa Plans and Subrogation in Personal Injury Cases

Attorneys and car accident victims that have had to deal with subrogation rights in the context of ERISA plans have experienced the injustice that occurs when concluding the car accident cases.

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Insurance Coverage Minimums

At the Berelc Law Office, we have recovered millions of dollars for clients who have been injured in various types of accidents.

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