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Berelc Law Firm, P.C. June 19, 2018

Suffering from Carbon Dioxide Poisoning? Keyless Cars May Be the Culprit

Keyless car entry is a modern feature on automobiles that conveniently turns the vehicle on and off with the push of the button. The driver is in possession of a key fob and when sensors detect the radio waves the fob emits near the vehicle, the car door opens and the car turns on and off. This modern convenience comes at a cost, however. Drivers have left the cars on after use sending carbon monoxide into their homes. When drivers parked their vehicle in their garages they forgot to push the button to turn them off. Older keyless entry systems do not send out any warning signs, and the drivers can become victims of serious injuries from the inhalation of carbon monoxide fumes.

Carbon Monoxide Is Odorless and Colorless

Carbon monoxide is an odorless and colorless gas that when inhaled, prevents the blood and tissues from carrying and using oxygen effectively. In small amounts, carbon monoxide poisoning leads to headaches, nausea, drowsiness, and confusion. If the carbon monoxide levels in the blood become too high, the result is fatal. In moderate or severe carbon monoxide poisoning cases, people complain of impaired judgment, confusion, unconsciousness, seizures, chest pain, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, and coma. Survivors of carbon dioxide poisoning complain of long term symptoms such as memory loss, poor coordination, movement disorders, depression, and psychosis.

Injuries Include Brain Damage and Death

According to The New York Times, since 2006, more than two dozen people have been killed by carbon monoxide poisoning nationwide because of a keyless ignition vehicle having been left running in the garage. Other people, who have survived were left with permanent brain damage from the odorless fumes.

Keyless Ignitions Now Standard Equipment in Vehicles

Over half of all new vehicles sold in the United States annually contain keyless ignition equipment, according to the auto information website Edmunds. Last year that represented close to eight and a half million vehicles.

Safety Measures Lag

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, NHTSA, has called for features that would alert drivers that their vehicle is still on when they exit the vehicle. A series of beeps to alert drivers that the vehicles are still running or shutting the engine off automatically have been proposed. The adoption of these standards is voluntary, and the automobile industry has largely opposed any federal regulation to address the safety issue. Other issues, like theft and rollaway, are also disproportionately affecting cars with the keyless ignition systems, but the automobile manufacturers insist that their models meet or exceed relevant safety standards.

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