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Berelc Law Firm, P.C. Jan. 11, 2019

Five Common Car Crash Scenarios

There are many potential causes of a car accident. Speeding, distracted driving, and texting while driving is just a few of the most common. Reckless driving, unsafe driving, and driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs are some other causes of car accidents. Car accidents can occur on highways, side streets, and parking lots. According to the World Health Organization, traffic accidents are the eighth leading cause of death globally. Understanding how car accidents occur can help individuals avoid such accidents.

Common types of car crashes include:

  • Rear-end collisions occur when a driver follows too closely behind another car and the driver in front suddenly stops. A driver might rear-end another because there was not enough space between the vehicles. This type of accident may occur when drivers tailgate, drive while distracted, make panicked stops, or are driving in poor weather conditions.

  • Single-vehicle crashes are common among teens, new drivers, and reckless drivers. These types of crashes can occur because the driver tries to overcorrect a mistake or breaks too hard to avoid hitting something, like debris or animals on the road. These types of accidents can include running off the road, slipping on ice and spinning out of control, hitting stationary objects like trees, driving through standing water, colliding with animals or road debris, and rolling over.

  • T-bone or cross-traffic accidents are some of the most terrifying. Also known as side-impact or broadside collisions, they are usually caused by a driver who fails to stop or runs through a red light and hits another vehicle taking a left turn without yielding to oncoming traffic. The other driver is hit on the driver’s side, while the front of the other driver’s vehicle is damaged.

  • Sideswiping or clipping accidents can occur when merging or changing lanes. When a driver loses perspective of what objects are around his or her vehicle, he or she can hit other vehicles with the side of his or her vehicle.

  • Low-speed accidents usually result in minor fender-benders, bumps to parked cars, or colliding with moving or parked cars in parking lots.


Whether you are in traffic, on a side road, in your neighborhood, or in the supermarket parking lot, car accidents can occur at any time. The resulting injuries from a car accident depend on how the vehicles collided. The injured driver or passenger is entitled to recovery of damages, or injuries they can prove in court. Such injuries can be physical or mental injuries or economic injuries, like missed time from work and medical care and treatment costs.

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