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Berelc Law Firm, P.C. April 26, 2022

Distracted Driving Apps

When it comes to distracted driving, it's no secret that cell phone usage is the number one driving distraction. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention categorizes distracted driving into three main types:

Manual: Taking your hands off the wheel.

Cognitive: Taking your mind off of driving.

Visual: Taking your eyes off the road.

Safe Driving Apps

For some drivers, avoiding cell phone distractions isn't as simple as putting the phone in a bag and not reaching for it. Well, good news – many apps have been created for these types of drivers who can't seem to kick the habit.


This app will read texts, calls, and emails out loud while you are driving for a small fee. It also gives users the option to reply via an automatic response system or by using their voice. This is the perfect app for drivers who want to know what messages they are receiving but don't want to put themselves or others on the road in danger.

AT&T's Drive Mode

This app is available to android and apple users and is also free of charge. It will silence any message or call alerts while the driver is behind the wheel and then send an automatic reply letting whoever connected them know that they are unavailable at the moment while they are driving. Once your vehicle starts moving, the app will activate and block the driver from texting, reading, or typing. However, it will still allow usage of navigation, music, and calling 911.

Sprints Safely Go

This app is free of charge; however, it is only compatible with android devices. It allows the driver to elect three VIP contacts to come through while driving but will send an automatic reply to anyone else. It will also let the driver take calls through a hands-free device and allow access to music and navigation apps.


This app is ideal for any concerned parents. Canary allows parents to connect their phones to their child’s phone, and receive alerts if their teen is using their phone, texting, or exceeding the parent's present speed limit.

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