Speeding Tickets And Out Of State Residents

I receive calls all the time from North Carolina residents that have been stopped on Interstate-85 for speeding.  The state of North Carolina has steep penalties for speeding and these drivers are extremely concerned with points on their license.  According to the North Carolina DMV, a driver convicted of going 15 mph over the limit of 55 mph loses will have their license suspended for 30 days.  A second offense results in a 60-day suspension and a third conviction results in a suspension for 1 year.  Convictions occurring outside North Carolina may result in your license being suspended or revoked just as if the violations occurred in this North Carolina.

As stated above, most of the North Carolina residents that call are traveling on Interstate-85.  This puts them in the county and when they receive a ticket they are scheduled to appear in the Probate Court.  The Probate Court of Franklin County has a prosecutor that prosecutes the cases and an officer cannot resolve a case on his own.  Whenever we receive a speeding ticket case, we evaluate the circumstances surrounding the specific stop and the driver’s previous driving records.  In many instances, we are able to negotiate with the prosecutor and get a reduction in the charges to an extent that it will not affect the out of state resident’s driving privileges.  In other cases, we will litigate the case in an attempt to get a not-guilty verdict.

Obviously, traffic offenses for out of state residents can result in serious legal and financial implications if ignored. Receiving a traffic ticket, even for something as minor as speeding, should not be taken lightly.  Ignoring or failing to fight the speeding ticket is likely to result in suspension of your home state license, as they are reported under the non-resident violator compact.  If you received a speeding ticket in Georgia give us a call.  In most cases, we can appear on your behalf and save you the time and trouble of traveling back to Georgia.