Caring for children is obviously a critical component of families. The Supreme Court has made it clear that the right for a parent to raise his or her child is a constitutional right and can only be disturbed in limited circumstances.

As such, it is important that legal matters involving children are taken seriously. If you are considering adopting a child, the situation can be joyous, but the process can be complex, lengthy and exhausting. It can also be an emotional roller coaster if you try to handle it alone. If the adoption will be contested, it is important to follow the correct procedures or your adoption will be denied.

We sincerely enjoy helping families with the process of adopting a child because it can be a heartfelt act of generosity and a beautiful way to extend a family’s love. For a parent unable to provide the care and secure environment a child needs, giving a child new parents through adoption can be a selfless act that allows all involved to mature and grow. If you are attempting to place a child in your custody, but do not want the permanency of the adoption, you may seek a guardianship. Likewise, when seeking to establish guardianship, the process can be similarly complicated. If a parent is unfit, a guardianship may be used by the court until the parents have corrected the situation that caused the children to be removed.

If you are working through either of these issues in or around northeast Georgia, our law firm is here for you. We at the Berelc Law Firm are prepared to work to help you address any adoption or guardianship matter. Our lawyers and team can help you address all paperwork needed to establish termination of parental rights, and obtain guardianship of a minor, as well as an elderly member of a family.

Throughout the process, we will work directly with you and your loved ones to understand your needs, circumstances and goals. From there, we will take action that arrives at a best possible outcome in the most efficient and effective way. We encourage you to get in touch so that we can help you get a start on the process today.