In Georgia drug charges are serious criminal charges that require an aggressive defense, which can include challenging evidence seized as the result of a search warrant, negotiating a lesser charge with prosecutors or building a case for trial.

By carefully examining your case, including all evidence against you and the investigation conducted by police, we will search for information that can be used to apply pressure on the prosecution to reduce or dismiss your charges. Deviations from proper police procedure, illegally obtained evidence and infringements upon your rights can be valuable leverage during plea negotiations or court trials.

In some cases, individuals charged with drug possession may be able to avoid court proceedings through alternative sentencing avenues—such as court-supervised drug counseling programs. Should you be eligible for an alternative sentencing program, we will help you pursue that option.

Whether you’re facing minor marijuana charges or more severe charges or facing a prescription drug offense, our staff takes great care to provide exceptional representation and help you build the best defense possible.