Estate Planning:

Estate Planning is not just about having a Last Will and Testament.  Estate Planning encompasses everything from having an updated Financial Power of Attorney and Health Care Directive in the event of disability to establishing a complex trust that will avoid probate, shelter assets, and provide for your family for generations to come.  Above all else, estate planning is a gift to family and friends that ensures that your affairs are neatly arranged to minimize the administrative and legal disruptions during a time of mourning.

Whether you’re just looking to update your Will or are looking for a more complex solution, we have the experience and technical expertise to guide you to the best solution for your situation.


A trust is a legal instrument that creates a fiduciary relationship between a trustee and a beneficiary.  You may have heard that you need a specific type of trust that “does X,” but the simple truth is that with few limitations, a trust can be written to fit nearly any situation or desire.  Trusts are used every day to avoid probate, plan for the possibility of needing Medicaid in the future, protect family assets from potential future threats like divorce, creditors, or irresponsible beneficiaries, provide for disabled and special needs family members, pay for a grandchild’s college tuition, and even to manage businesses.

A trust is a box that you, as the Grantor of the trust, get to build to your specifications.  Just as there is a difference between building an open-concept beach house and a concrete apocalypse bunker, so too are there differences between what provisions to put in or leave out of a trust.  One size does not fit all.

If you are interested in the ways that a trust can assist in your life, business, or estate plans, call us for a free consultation.

Small Business:

In many ways, the only difference between a small business and a big business is the size.  Both types of businesses can and often do utilize the same legal entities and strategies.  So what makes small business law distinct?  Most small businesses are close, often family, run operations, and many are just in the early startup phase.  This usually means tighter budgets for legal fees, no time during the day for long meetings with lawyers, and a strong desire to make things as simple as possible.  You’re not just the owner, you’re also the janitor, the accountant, the receptionist, the midnight plumber, the stockroom clerk, and the head of HR.

We get that.  All of our attorneys run small businesses and come from small business families.  And because we understand how hectic life as a small business owner can be, we do everything we can to work around your schedule instead of making you work around ours.  We offer a variety of competitive fee structures to give you maximum flexibility and control to ensure that you are not shocked with an unexpected invoice.  From real estate leases to drafting documents specific to your business needs to amending operating agreements to allow in a new business partner, we’ve got your small business covered.